Debbie Knight

NPR video communicates science creatively

In observation on April 18, 2011 at 2:15 pm

The link to this NPR video came across on my Twitter feed yesterday. And I think this is a great way to explain a complicated scientific experiment in a simple-to-understand (and fun) format. Maybe more scientists (and science communicators) should consider alternative and creative ways to make science more approachable to the general public.

Kudos to NPR’s Robert Krulwich and Odd Todd for putting this together!

Here’s the original Science article titled, “The ant odometer: stepping on stilts and stumps.”

  1. This video is awesome! It’s a perfect example of teaching complex science & research and making it cool & simple to understand.

    You are 100% right, science would benefit from an increase in creativity from its communicators. Simple metaphors, cool examples, and pictures/art/animation are always very helpful.

    I’m putting your post on my facebook.

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