Debbie Knight

Don’t try this at home…

In observation on July 11, 2011 at 3:39 pm

A major drawback of being a lab rat is that you can’t always take home your work with you. I mean, running a Western blot is something you can only do in the lab, it’s not something you can do while you’re in another state nursing your mother back to health.

And this is where I find myself this week.

I can make some use of my time reading scientific journal articles that I printed off before I left for Indiana, but it’s not the same as actually producing experimental data — something I really need to be doing this week. <sigh>

Of course, I can’t even think about trying to do such experiments in my mom’s kitchen — too many hazardous chemicals and biohazardous materials are involved and should only be done in a laboratory setting. But a girl can wish.

There are times I envy people in the business world because they often can work on reports and such from their laptops.

But most times, I don’t envy them, taking work home, blurring the line between “down time” and work. I have enough issues with this already.

The good news is that my mom is doing quite well recuperating from her broken hip, which means that I’ll be able to get back to the lab later this week (I hope). So I guess I’ll just cool my heels, plan my experiments for when I get back, and enjoy the momentary quiet.


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