Debbie Knight

A day in the life: December 7, 2011

In research log on December 7, 2011 at 12:37 pm

From time to time, I will give a glimpse into the “glamorous” life of a research associate and talk about what I’m doing in the lab on a particular day. These entries I will call “A Day in the Life…”

Tonight is my department’s holiday reception. It’s a time when the clinical faculty and staff mingle with the basic science faculty and staff – something that rarely occurs on such a scale. It’s a little like going to a high school reunion, where you assume the person you don’t know is a classmate’s spouse — only in this case, since I’m from the basic science “side,” I assume those I don’t know are from the “other” side, the clinical side.

Because I spend a great deal of time in the research lab, I rarely see the clinical faculty members and even more rarely see any of the clinical staff, and I’m amazed just how large and diverse the Pathology Department really is.

If the holiday reception is anything like last year, there will be lots of nibble stations filled with hors-d’oeuvres and lots of people.

It’s a really nice soiree. Although in these economic times, it’s been scaled down a bit. Gone is the ice sculpture shaped like a microscope at the martini station where the drink is chilled as it is poured from the top of the sculpture and into the awaiting glass at the base.

Ice sculpture at the 2008 holiday reception for the Department of Pathology.

Gone is the chocolate fountain and fondue station. And gone is the chef-manned make-your-own pasta-creation station.

But that’s okay, it’s not really about the food (okay, maybe a little bit), it’s about hanging out with my departmental family … whoever they are.


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