Debbie Knight

Photo of the week

In photo log on January 5, 2012 at 10:25 am

New year, trying something new. Once a week, I will be posting a photo of what I’m doing in the lab. I’m not promising professional-grade photography here, just a little documentation of my life in the lab.

So, this week’s photo is of my left hand. Why my left hand? Is it really all that interesting?

Well, before I started doing research, my left hand was pretty useless. Oh, it could play the bass lines on the piano or clack away on a computer keyboard. But it lacked the dexterity my right hand had.

Once I began working in a lab, I quickly discovered things went much easier if  my left hand to remove caps from tubes (such as pictured here).  This is something I try to teach new students.

Watching them makes me smile. And I often wonder if I looked just as bumbling and awkward when I started in the lab.

I honestly don’t remember, but I must have.





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