Debbie Knight

The February 2012 Top Five List of Amusing Search Engine Terms (that found Biologyze)

In observation on February 29, 2012 at 9:00 am

So, here is a list of five (what I found) amusing search engine terms that lead visitors to Biologyze this month.

Honorable Mention: “craig’s guinea pig” 

Not just any guinea pig. It’s got to be Craig’s.

#5: “how do u get paid to be a human ginny pig”

I’ll admit it, it was the misspelling of guinea that made me chuckle.

#4: “I wish I get serious accident and u care me”

I’m a little scared of this search term. Sounds a little depressive and desperate to me.

 #3: “rhinovirus carrier”

Okay, the first thing that popped into my mind was a rhinoceros being carried in a helicopter sling. I’m not sure why.

#2: “liquids that don’t have chemicals”

I hate to tell you this, dear searcher, but all liquids technically have chemicals in them. Yes, even pure water is a chemical.

And, the top amusing search engine term this month?

#1:  “what is the things that stick out on a rhinovirus”

Ears? Tongue? Antenna? Nubbins? Studs? Sprockets? 

Okay, seriously, they would be called the capsid proteins (named very descriptively as VP1 (VP for viral protein), VP2, VP3, and VP4. Those nubbins (aka viral capsid proteins) interacts with a receptor on the cells that line the upper respiratory tract called epithelial cells. The receptor is called ICAM-1 (or CD54).


A few others that didn’t quite make the Top Five list:

“bacteria sculpture” —  ?????

“geiger counter university”  — and you majored in what?

Well, there you have it. The top five list of search engine terms used to find my blog — that I found amusing. Hopefully, you found them amusing as well.


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