Debbie Knight

The March 2012 Top Five List of Amusing Search Engine Terms (that found Biologyze)

In observation on April 1, 2012 at 8:18 pm

With March Madness nearly over, I thought I’d recap the top five search engine terms (that I found amusing) used to find Biologyze in March.

#5: is polio virus bioterrorism scary
Um, while many viruses with the right “training” could become a bioterrorism threat, there are better candidates for the job (in my opinion).

 #4: how many dart tests do you run after autoclave fixed
What? Dart tests? Do you throw darts at the autoclave and if it lands squarely in the bull’s eye, the autoclave is deemed “safe to use?”

#3: inside of autoclave chamber is blue
Clearly people are having some issues with their autoclaves. This problem sounds more like an April Fool’s joke, the autoclave is preggers or it’s the result of a well-mounted Smurf attack.

#2: thinking cap guinea pig
So wait, is the thinking cap made of guinea pig? Or maybe the thinking cap is for the guinea pig’s head? Will a thinking cap even work on a guinea pig? Is putting a thinking cap on a guinea pig considered animal cruelty? I’m not sure I want this person visiting my blog any more…

 #1: tritium burn through dry ice and car video
Huh? Tritium can’t even penetrate a piece of paper – how the heck is it going to get through a barrier of dry ice and car?

So there you have it.


Runner’s Up:

ice statues drink

how do run flat tires work


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