Debbie Knight

Photo of the Week

In photo log on April 3, 2012 at 9:00 am

My department has a shared resource: an ultra-low temperature freezer which sits alone in a shared lab space. Last week I wandered into this space and noticed the digital temperature readout light was out.

Hmm, that’s strange, I thought.

I instantly regretted opening the freezer door.  I found the freezer had stopped working. And judging by the amount of mold, mildew, and fungus “fur” growing on the sides of these freezer boxes, I’d say it stopped working quite a while ago.


I’ll give you one guess who had to clean out this freezer.

If you guessed the “finder,” you’d be right.

I considered breaking out a hazmat suit before embarking on this little cleaning “adventure,” but I opted for gloves and a mask instead.

The boxes went straight into a biohazard box. I wasn’t about to look inside those boxes to see if the contents were possibly biohazards — I figured the “fur” on the outside qualified them as such. I then proceeded to disinfect the inside of the freezer.

This certainly will go down as one of my least favorite lab experiences!


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