Debbie Knight

Photo of the Week

In photo log on April 17, 2012 at 9:00 am

This is a photo of a gas regulator we use in the lab. We hook it up to a tank of compressed carbon dioxide to control how fast the gas flows into our culture incubators. Too much or too little of the gas and the cells will die.

Every couple of months, I have to whip out the biggest wrench I’ve ever worked with to change the gas tank. Sometimes I even have to hang on the wrench to loosen the nut between the regulator and the tank. I’m sure that’s a sight to see.

But I’m sure an even funnier sight is me wrangling the unwieldy empty gas tank to another room. It ain’t pretty.

The delivery guys can spin two of them at once (full ones, so they’re heavy).

They make it look easy.

It’s not.


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