Debbie Knight

A day in the life in a Entomology Department?

In observation on May 3, 2012 at 9:00 am

Professor Rhineholdt? I think I found the experimental subjects you lost

I visited a friend who started working recently in the entomology department. The department is housed in is new building, so imagine my surprise when I saw several bug traps scattered about the floor and on his desk.

What? How can there possibly be an infestation of this magnitude in a new building?

Oh, wait, they study insects in an entomology department. So these bug traps were to capture runaway test subjects. I get it.

I can just imagine a big hissing cockroach sauntering past the pencil sharpener. Or a dung beetle taking up residence in the chairman’s “in” box. Or a swarm of fruit flies taking off with someone’s lunch.

I don’t think I could work in the entomology department. I think I would only want to see insects out in nature, in a documentary film, or behind the glass in an enclosure — not skittering across my computer monitor. Eeeek!


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