Debbie Knight

Photo of the Week

In photo log on July 24, 2012 at 9:00 am

Last week a guy came by to inspect our fume hood.  He checked for things like adequate air flow.

He also left behind a new placard on the fume hood glass sash reminding lab personnel that leaving the sash in the closed position is not only safe (you know, in case of malfunctions) but it also saves energy (the ventilation system that pulls air up and out of the hood doesn’t have to work as hard when the sash is closed).

So, he placed it in an obvious place — the center of the glass, near the bottom of the sash.

A good idea?

Well … maybe not.

What he hadn’t considered is that when the sash is in the “up” position — when someone not as tall as he is working in the fume hood — the sign is right in the line of sight, blocking the view into the hood.

So now what are we supposed to do when we’re doing experiments? It’s not really safe to work with stuff while ducking to look under the glass pane — the glass pane is there to help prevent chemicals from splashing in your face. And it’s not really safe to work in the hood while standing on a step stool — a falling hazard. So it looks like I will have to try and relocate the sign. It’s stuck on the glass like a bumper sticker — strong glue and everything. I’m not entirely certain the sign will make it through the removal process.

I like the sign.

I like what it stands for.

But it’s going to have to move.


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