Debbie Knight

A Day in the Life: July 30, 2012

In A Day in the Life, research log on July 30, 2012 at 5:53 pm

From time to time, I will give a glimpse into the “glamorous” life of a research associate and talk about what I’m doing in the lab on a particular day. These entries I will call “A Day in the Life…”

There is a piece of equipment (a film processor) in our lab that is available to anyone in our department to use. In the past several years that it’s been in our lab, I have never had to post a sign that says “Please keep this area clean!” … until today.

Either a yeti has come through and trashed the area. Or the personnel from the only lab currently using this equipment is the culprit. I’m betting on the people since I haven’t heard of any yeti sightings in my building.

And, yes, you can probably tell I’m a little peeved by this turn of events.

It is a major break in laboratory etiquette to go into someone else’s lab, use a piece of equipment and leave the area a mess.  If done more than once, you risk losing the privilege of using it. Simple enough. This isn’t my rule. It’s just common sense and common lab courtesy.

I posted the sign with hopes that these people will take the hint.

But I’m a little sad that I had to post it in the first place.



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