Debbie Knight

Photo of the Week

In photo log on August 21, 2012 at 9:30 am

This is a photo of the side of our lab freezer.

The white board allows lab members to keep track of what needs to be ordered, what solutions need to be made, and what tasks need to be done. It allows us to communicate.

And the clutter of signs that surround this white board? All of it is lab safety information.

Information we have to display, according to our lab safety inspector.

I think all these posted signs are a little overwhelming. And the important information they each carry gets lost. It’s like trying to read a really long paragraph in a newspaper or magazine article. The reader becomes exhausted just looking at the  paragraph — not from the content, but from the visual size of it.

I would so love to consolidate the messages into a single sheet of paper. Or maybe, at the most, two sheets of paper. Maybe even make them visually interesting so they are more easily noticed.

I think then the messages would communicate effectively.

For example, here is how a lab door going into our autoclave room looked before:

and after I consolidated the messages:

Simplification can mean better communication (at least in my humble opinion).

  1. Yes, simplification is better. Like a tweet.

  2. These are all just wonderful photos. Thank you so much for taking these.

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