Debbie Knight

Junk or treasure: the land of surplus

In observation on September 4, 2012 at 9:00 am

We needed a desk of a certain size for the lab. And none of the desks that were available in the hallways were the right dimensions.

So, I had to take a trip to a place called “university surplus.”

I imagined all sorts of junkie lab equipment (maybe even some we’ve sent over there), desks and file cabinets piled to the ceiling in some abandoned corner of a warehouse.

I was wrong. It was surprisingly well-organized. Everything was clustered — all the chairs were in one area, tables in another.

I never got to see the area where the lab equipment was kept since I was looking for a desk.

The stuff isn’t only available for redistribution back to the university. They are also open once a week to the general public where a desk like I picked up would cost $10. What a bargain!


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