Debbie Knight

Danger, Will Robinson!

In observation on September 12, 2012 at 9:00 am


I posted a similar photo yesterday, not because it is a great photo, but because it reminded me of a former boyfriend.

He was a college student majoring in foreign language, specifically Russian. So he knew very little about scientific research.

He absolutely refused to step into the lab in which I worked because a sign like this one was posted on the door. He wouldn’t even knock on the door to let me know he was waiting in the hallway.

He was afraid that he would be contaminated by touching the door or crossing its threshold even though I explained to him it was okay as long as he didn’t touch anything I told him not to touch in the lab.

I couldn’t show him the cells I cultured. Or the microscope slides with pretty staining. Or any aspect of where I worked. No matter how much I reassured him he’d be okay.

So, I guess the sign did a good job.

Maybe a little too good of a job.


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